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Wired For Sound: Moçambique

RootsWorld Radio recently featured recordings made by a project based in South Africa called Wired for Sound: Mošambique. While certainly not the first folks to venture into this East African country with recording equipment, they take a new approach using modern digital equipment and a collaborative style that is certainly a new look on an age-old field recording tradition.

Freshlyground founding member Simon Attwell and radio producer Kim Winter, with Freshlyground guitarist Julio Sigauque, are running a mobile recording studio, on the back of a 4x4, using solar panels when possible, and travelling to locations around Mozambique, where they record, and often collaborate with, the local musicans. A number of other musicians from outside of Mozambique are also included on some of the recordings, adding a diversity of sounds to the local ones.

Here's a few great moments from this project:

Alfredo, player of the pankwÚ, a type of zither based on a Portuguese folk instrument, but with a gourd for a sound chamber.

Liquissone Juliasse Nhamataira, sings and plays a more subdued style of pankwÚ, and on the track we listen to, he is accompanied by a sole trumpet to mix the tradition with a bit of ambient jazz.

On the pop side are recordings that include rock, jazz, and on this track hip-hop lyrics and delivery, from Nelito & Armando,

There's also sweet contemporary folk music like vocalist Million Isaac Junior.

RootsWorld listens to some of these artists, as well are earlier recording expeditions by the Globestyle team in the 1990s and Hugh Tracey in the 1950s, in RootsWorld Radio #114

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