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Folk Spot 2014
A series of concerts recorded in 'The Old Mill' at The Tønder Festival in Denmark
in August of 2014.

Some of these programs will be broadcast on all the RWR stations during the Fall and Winter of 2014/2015. The concerts were made available to RootsWorld with the support of Danish Roots - Growing in the World and via the hard work of musician and Danish music devotee, Morten Alfred Høirup.

Trolska Polska
Trolska Polska

Find the band online at www.trolskapolska.dk

Their newest recording is {moss}.
Make a contribution to RootsWorld of 25.00 and we'll send you the CD as our thank you gift.

Trolls, giants and gnomes... Through legend and folklore these mysterious creatures have always been present in Nordic culture. Whether we believe in them or not, they exist deep in The Nordic Consciousness.

The music of Trolska Polska strives to explore and celebrate this intriguing world of myth, through troll-like fiddletunes, and mesmerizing acoustic ambiance. Trolska Polska is founded by the well known Danish musician and composer Martin Seeberg (known from a number of outstanding Danish projects such as Valravn, Instinkt and Sorten Muld) who is also the composer of all of the Trolska tunes.

In Trolska Polska he is joined by six young trolls from the newest generation of skilled Scandinavian folk/roots musicians creating lavish soundscapes of strings, woodwinds, percussion and a wide variety of ethnic instruments.

The result is spontaneous, adventurous and joyful folk music which seems fresh and yet traditional! - local and yet global!

Trolska Polska is:
Martin Seeberg: Fiddle, Viola
Malte Zeberg: Double Bass, Mandolin
Anja Lillemæhlum: Cello
Lasse Væver: Nyckelharpa, Fiddle, Viola
Magnus Heebøll: Percussion
Søren Røgen: 12-string Guitar
Mads Kjøller-Henningsen: Flutes, Hurdy-Gurdy, Bagpipes


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