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The week of June 19, 2017
On the 239th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we'll hear from an Azmari band from Ethiopia, get some gritty rhythms from Malawi, Breton tunes with a middle eastern tinge and a bit of jazz. There will be voices, accordions and strings from Denmark, Spain and France, and some new sounds from Cyprus. Artists will include Trio Tekke with Dave deRose, Basco, Ti Jaz, Kazut de Tyr, Carmen Paris & Nabyla Maan, Fendika, Kukaya and The Tonga Boys.

The week of June 19th, 2017
On the 240th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we'll hear voices and instruments from the Arctic north of Finland, some Brazilian rock, music for cranes and flutes from Sweden, some very rootsy 'rap' from Ghana, middle eastern adventures from Belgium and Brittany, and further adventures in Italy, Sweden and Portugal. And we'll finish off with a visit to a most interesting barber shop. Artists this week include Tapani Rinne & Wimme Sari, Jonas Simonsson, King Ayisoba, Hedningarna, The Osama Abdulrasol Quintet, Kazut De Tyr, Mimmo Epifani, Lena Willemark, Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal, and Cory Seznec.

The week of June 12, 2017
On the 238th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we start with concertina music from Ireland, in both traditional a new settings. We continue into Arabic and Turkish art music and conclude with some live recordings from Zaire 74, the music festival that was supposed to precede the histori Ali/Forman "Rumble in the Jungle" in Kinsasha, Zaire. Artists on this week's program include Jack Talty, Ensemble Éiru, Görkem Saoulis, Sabîl, Tabu Ley Rochereau and Abeti.

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world music
Trio Tekke with Dave deRose

world music

world music
Kukaya and The Tonga Boys
Music from Malawi

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world music
Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko
Jardins Migrateurs

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