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What's Coming Up?
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The week of May 2nd
On the 192nd edition of RootsWorld Radio, we'll hear some global expressions of American roots with the Silk Road Ensemble led by Yo Yo Ma, with vocalists Rhiannon Giddens and Sarah Jarosz. We will also hear a few tracks from an album of a cappella song by Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat, whose CD The Sun Will Rise is one of our Music of the Month selections for May. Our other selection is by Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç, who will also feature in the program. We'll wrap up with selections from Riccardo Tesi's interesting new recordings of songs from an historic concert called Bella Ciao, a vital element in the Italian folk revival 50 years ago. He is joined by a wonderful cast, including Lucilla Galeazzi, Elena Ledda, Ginevra di Marco, Gigi Biolcati, Andrea Salvadori and Alessio Lega. Other artists on the show include Estonian vocalist and fiddler Marja Nutt, and Italian American trio Terra Sangue Mare.

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