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Real World 25
September's Music of the Month CD:
Real World 25
3 CDs, 38 tracks trace the rich and diverse history of one of the major 'world music' labels.

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Real World

When and Where to Listen
(all times are Eastern US)

Saturday at 8:00 PM
WAMU's Bluegrass Country
Washington, DC 105.5 FM
Washington, DC HD 88.5 Channel 2
Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland 93.5 FM
Streaming live online at

WESU 88.1 FM in Middletown, CT
Listen online at Wednesday at 2:00 AM

Wednesday at 5:00 PM
Listen online at

Thursday at 2:00 AM (archived edition)
Listen online at

Friday at 1:00 AM (7:00 AM Copenhagen, GMT+2)
Friday at 2:00 PM (8:00 PM Copenhagen, GMT+2)
Listen online at

Saturday at 8:00 AM (2:00 PM local time, 1 PM GMT)
Mérida, Spain
Listen online at

Saturday at 8:00 AM
Listen online at taintradio

Sunday at 6:00 AM (archived edition)
Listen online at

Monday at 7:00 PM (archived edition)
Listen online at

Also listen to Cliff's (non-RootsWorld) live broadcast.
Thursday at 7:00 AM
on WPKN FM Bridgeport, CT on 89.5 FM
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What's Coming Up?
Plan ahead

The week of September 13th, 2014
The 118th edition of RootsWorld Radio will feature new Welsh music by 9 Bach, the American ensemble Dálava's exploration of ancient Moravian folk songs in a decidedly modern setting, and something brand new from Garifuna singer Aurelio Martinez. We'll also hear vocals from Occitania, some new folk music and an oddity from Finland, Berber string grooves, Genovese songs, poetry from Belize and a Swedish halling with a global sound. Artists will also include La Mal Coiffée, FatDog, Simo Lagnawi, Tunto, Daniele Sepe, Orchestra Bailam & Compagnia di Canto Trallalero, Piia Kleemola and Leroy Young aka The Grandmaster.

The week of September 6th, 2014
On the 117th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we'll explore new sounds from the Gascon/Basque borders, cross the Baltic and back, listen to some solo guitarists, a mandolin quartet and an accordion trio, see how Boston does global and explore the darker side of new Finnish folk music. Artists will include Xarnege, Cocktail Diatonique, Francesco Loccisano, Grand Fatilla, Melonoius Quartet, Tim Sparks, Anne-Mari Kivimaki, Puhti, and Baltic Crossing.

RootsWorld Radio is available via PRX Public Radio Exchange via WAMU in Washington, DC, our host station. If you know of a radio station in your area who should be broadcasting our weekly program of global folk, roots, jazz and more, please send them this link and encourage them to contact me or WAMU.
More info available here

If you know of a radio station in your area that should be broadcasting RootsWorld radio, please pass the info on to them? Nothing is more effective that an enthusiastic listener's recommendation!

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world music
Anne-Mari Kivimäki and Puhti
The Suistamo Suite

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Rim Banna
Revelation of Ecstasy & Rebellion

world music

world music
Wild Goats & Unmarried Women

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various artists
Wired For Sound: Mozambique


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